MyBalanceNow is an easy to access platform where users can access their Target Gift Card balance by visiting the official portal at This user-friendly platform also has some add-on usage that users can access, such as transaction history, expense tracking, PIN managing, etc.


You can use the Target Gift Card for various services. Target Gift Card is popular among enthusiastic shoppers in the United States. Users should take note that they can use the Target Gift Card in the United States and District of Columbia only. 

MyBalanceNow Gift Card – Usage

The gift card can be used for a wide range of purposes which are discussed in detail below:

In-Store Purchase: You can use the Target Gift Card at any Target Store anywhere in the United States and District of Columbia. To use the card for instore purchase follow the below-given steps:

  • Give your card to the cashier while making the purchase. Do check your balance before making the purchase, as the merchant cannot view your card balance.
  • Select credit transaction and finalize the transaction by your signature. 
  • You can also make a debit purchase for which you have to enter your PIN. If it is your first debit transaction, you can use any 4-digit PIN. If this is your subsequent transaction, then use the PIN you have used before.

Online Purchase: You can also use your gift card for making an online purchase. To use your card for an online transaction, follow the below-given steps:

  • Select the payment method and enter your PIN.
  • Enter your billing information such as name and billing address.
  • Make the payment.



Paying at The Pump: You can pay at the pump by using your gift card. Do note that some merchants place a hold of $100 or more on your card. The holding period is typically brief, and it may remain up to seven days in some cases. Hence, do keep your balance on the card more than $100 plus the gas amount.

Paying at The Restaurant: Just like gas stations, you can use your gift card at restaurants as well. restaurants typically add 20% to your total to account for the tip. Hence, you have to keep your balance more than the restaurant bill amount plus the 20% tip.