Terms and Conditions

MyBalaneNow, just like any other platform, has specific terms and conditions, which users should abide by in order to access their account. All the necessary terms and conditions are mentioned thoroughly in the cardholder agreement available on the official website at www.mybalancenow.com. 


Following are the terms and conditions to access the MyBalanceNow portal and gift card. If you have any questions about this, you can contact the customer support team:

  • You can access the gift card only in the United States and District of Columbia.
  • Users cannot withdraw cash from ATMs by using their cards.
  • The fund on the card is non-transferable.
  • It is mandatory to activate your card before using it for making purchases.
  • You have to pay a one-time purchase fee for the gift card. Post that you don’t have to pay any kind of fees or charges. 
  • You cannot add additional funds to your card.
  • You cannot use your gift card for making recurring payments such as monthly bills, subscription services, memberships, etc. 
  • You won’t receive a PIN with the card. It’s up to you whether you generated a PIN or not. However, the PIN is mandatory for all Debit Transactions. 
  • The card can be used wherever Visa or MasterCard debit cards are accepted. 
  • You are responsible for any transaction made from your account. If someone is misusing your card or a wrong transaction has occurred, immediately contact the customer support team.
  • A replacement card will be provided only when you submit your card details and information to the customer support team. 
  • You cannot use the card to make payments in foreign countries. 
  • The company has the right to cancel your gift card at any given point in time if you violate any rules or regulations.

Suppose you have any queries or questions regarding the MyBalanceNow terms and conditions. In that case, you can always reach out to the customer support team or visit the official site to check out the cardholder agreement for more details.